Residence in Spain. European Union Citizen Registration Certificate. Requirements and Procedure.

Residence in Spain. European Union Citizens

All EU citizens (and their family members) have the right to move freely within the European Union. In other words, they can enter and leave any member state without the need for a visa or permit. Only needing their identity cards or passports. But what happens when the period of residence in Spain is longer than 3 months?  We analyse it in this week’s article.

European Union Citizen Registration Certificate.

Citizens of EU countries, the European Economic Area or Switzerland who wish to reside in Spain for a period of more than three months must register in the Central Register of Foreigners and obtain a special certificate. With this certificate, it will be possible to legally exercise the right of residence in Spain.

Requirements to obtain the Certificate of Registration

To apply for the Certificate of Registration, it is necessary to comply with the conditions established by the Spanish authorities:

1. If you are not going to carry out any work activity in Spain, you must provide:

– Documentation accrediting that you have sufficient financial means. For you and your family members, so that you will not become a burden on the system. This can be accredited by means of a bank certificate, bank statements, proof of regular income, etc.

– Documentation proving that you have public or private health insurance that provides you with medical coverage during your time of residence in Spain. No co-payments. With no deficiencies. And valid for the entire stay.

2. On the other hand, if you are going to be self-employed or employed in Spain (or you are a student) the documentation and requirements are different: enrolment in the educational centre, registration with the Social Security, etc. It will depend on each case.

3. Valid passport or national identity card.

4. Two recent passport-size photographs with a white background.

5. Up-to-date census registration certificate from the Town Hall of the city where you live in (less than three months old).

6. Form EX-18 duly completed.

7. Proof of payment of the fee.

If you are a family member of a EU citizen, you must provide documentation proving the family relationship. Birth certificate (for parents/children), marriage certificate (for spouses), etc. All documents issued outside of Spain must be apostilled or legalised and translated into Spanish.

Application procedure: Where, when, how?.

The application must be made within the first three months after entering Spanish territory. The process is carried out in person at the Immigration Office or Police Station. It is necessary to request the appointment online and go there with all the required documentation. Once all the requirements have been verified, the competent official will issue the Certificate of Registration as a European Union Citizen.

The certificate will include the applicant’s personal information. Name. Nationality. Address. And foreigner identification number (N.I.E.). This card has an initial duration of 5 years.


Obtaining a European Union Citizen Registration Certificate is an essential step for EU citizens wishing to reside in Spain for a prolonged period of time. At White-Baos we are experts in immigration law, and we can help you with any procedure related to your residence in Spain. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys information relating to legal issues.

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