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Certifications/Legalisation/Oaths and Swearing Affidavits

The Certification and or Legalisation of a document is one of the many services offered on a daily basis by our firm whilst it is a document for the Spanish, English or authorities from another country.

We can assist you in certify or legalized and/ or get apostilled ( Hague Apostille) a document, which it is often required when dealing with a court case, inheritance, formal agreements, deeds, etc.

It is normal to get certified or apostilled document as: Birth and marriage Certificates,
Power of Attorney, Prove of domicile, Prove of Identity, passport, etc.

Oaths – Affidavits
An affidavit is a statement that goes together with an oath stating that the contents of the affidavit are true. These are normally done for court cases, inheritance, etc.

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