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Immigration Law Service. Obtaining residence and Visa in Spain.

AT White Baos Abogados, we are able to give advice working with experts in the field, with regards to Immigration law and residency in Spain and can help you to request, or renew, residency or visa for Spain.

The possibilities of requesting, and where appropriate obtaining residency and visa are different:

– Non-Lucrative Residency or Visa. It is for those who have sufficient means and wish to reside without undertaking any economic activity.
– Golden Visa. To obtain it, a minimum amount of money must be invested in Spain, in the purchase of real estate, etc.
– Student visa
– Entrepreneurs visa.

If you have any questions about Immigration law and residency in Spain., do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you.

You can get more information about our services regarding residency and VISA in Spain, on the following VIDEOS:

.-Golden Visa in Spain. Legal Advice.
.- Non Lucrative Visa in Spain. Legal Advice.
.-Difference between the Golden and the Non Lucrative Visa in Spain. Tax implication.

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