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Other legal and court claims regarding Real Estate and Property Law, Boundaries disputes, Neigbour dispute, etc.

If you have any kind of legal problem or property dispute in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us, you can also find consultation and articles related to this subject, on the articles section.

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    Claim Against the Neighbour. Wall Damage.

    New Court Success: Claim Against the Neighbour. Wall Damage. Non-contractual Liability. Legal Advice.

    In today’s article, we share a recent court success achieved by our law firm in a claim against the neighbour for non-contractual liability. We represented the owners of a plot of land whose neighbours were demanding €14.000 in compensation for damages to a retaining wall. They also sought the execution of repair works on the […]

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    Claim against a co-debtor. Non-Resident.

    Claim against a co-debtor Non-Resident in Spain. Which country has jurisdiction to hear the proceedings?. Action for reimbursement. Repetition action. Mortgage loan.

    Claim against a co-debtor. International jurisdiction. Action of reimbursement. Repetition action. Mortgage loan. Expert lawyers in Denia. […]

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    New property law in Spain

    Everything you need to know about the New Property Law in Spain. Rental contracts. Tax Benefits. Eviction court Process. Legal advice. (Part 2)

    New Property Law in Spain. Everything you need to know. Fundamental aspects. Lease contracts. Stressed areas. “Large landlords”. Expert advice. […]

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