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APOSTILLE IN SPAIN AND UK. How to get the apostille for legal documents, public notary documents and deeds, administrative documents, etc.


By means of an Apostille, the signatory countries of the 12th Hague Convention give mutual recognition of the validity, legality and authenticity of any public or official document issued in its respective territories.

Therefore , any official document duly apostilled by a country that is part of the Hague Convention would be considered valid and enforceable in the other countries that are signatories to the Convention, without the need of further requisites or additional proceedings.

In case you need to use a Spanish document abroad, we recommend the following documents to be apostilled:

Official Certifications related to private documents
a. Notarized authentications of signatures.
b. Certifications of registries.
c. Certifications of dates.

Notarized / Notarial documents
a. Wills and Inheritances.
b. Deeds
c. Powers of Attorney

Administrative documents

Legal and court documents ( Spanish Court Orders, decrees, etc)
Issued by a public authority like courts, tribunals, etc.; issued by an official or legal agent. Etc

The competent authority in Spain required to apostille the documents will be different depending on the type of document:

The legal and court judicial documents to the Superior Court of Justice of Autonomous Community (Comunidad Autónoma) where the document has been issued or granted.

Notarized documents: should be apostilled in front of the Notary Chamber corresponding to the signatory notary.

Administrative documents:
The ones issued by the central administration: should be apostilled by the Subsecretary Office of the Ministry of Justice in Madrid.

And the Administrative documents issued by Delegations and Subdelegations of the Government at the Autonomic Communities, provincial or Territorial Departments, Public Administration of the Autonomic Communities, Local Institutions, etc. should be apostilled by the Superior Court of Justice of the Autonomic Community or by the Notary Chamber of the signatory notary.

Our firm can assist you obtaining the Apostille on your documents in front of the competent authorities. If you require any further information, pleased do not hesitate to contact us.

THE APOSTILLE IN UK ( England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, etc)

White Baos Abogados is also able to assist you obtaining the Apostille for British Documents in front of the Foreign and CommonWealth Office..

The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

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