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FAMILY AND COHABITATION LAW; divorces, separations, etc. (Spain/UK)

The marriages, relationships, their breakdown and in general the family law, requires specialist knowledge, particularly where assets are located in more than one country and the laws of different countries need to be applied. Concepts such as nationality and domicile need to be understood at the outset, particularly where one country has a different interpretation to another.

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Separation and divorce in Spain. Frequent asked questions. Custody, alimony and compensation. Expatriates in Spain. Covid 19.

WE receive a number of enquiries concerning the legal situation with regards to divorce and separation in Spain and many of these questions come from foreigners and expatriates living in Spain with the most common being;   I am divorcing my partner, so, who has the right to use the family home? It will all […]

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How to claim what was paid on the spouse or partner property in case of divorce or separation.

ON occasion we have been asked by clients whether it is possible for them to reclaim any money that they had spent in the purchase, renovation or improvement of a property owned by their husband, wife or habitual partner here in Spain in the case of divorce or separation. The simple answer is YES It […]

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