Banks accept the latest sentences and pay back the money to those affected in Almanzora Country Club (Huma Mediterraneo)

We are happy to report further good news to buyers affected after buying off plan in the Almanzora Country Club complex, from the promoter Huma Mediterraneo.

The main bank of the promoter Huma (BP) has accepted without filing an appeal, the recent judgment of the Provincial Court of Murcia, number 163/2016, where the appeal court confirmed the court decision granted in favor of several clients who presented a joint action represented by our firm. The same Bank, in another recent judgment won by ourselves in favor of a British couple, has accepted the judgment granted in April 2016 by the Court No. 4 of Totana, once again without appealing. This marks a change in the bank litigation strategy, since before they systematically appealed all court decisions.

Similarly, in certain cases, other banks that opened bank accounts for Huma Mediterraneo and received payment on account from their buyers, are accepting responsibility before the courts, even before the court decision is granted, acquiescing to claims presented by our firm.

Whilst we do not know if this change in their court strategy is definitive, we believe it is likely due to the number of court orders granted against banks by Spanish judges. Recent Supreme Court rulings have made clear their position and interpretation of the law 57/68, noting that buyers who do not have their money guaranteed by an individual guarantee, could still claim from the banks that received the money and opened special accounts to developers without ensuring that the necessary guarantees to refund the money if the developer could not hand over the properties were in place, as required by law. The banks are also responsible if they grant a general bank guarantee line for the development, even though they had not granted an individual guarantee for some buyers.

Our firm has helped many people affected to recover their money, having won 100% of the claims filed against Huma Mediterrano banks in this complex. We encourage affected consumers of the complex Almanzora Country Club to claim. Moreover, we charge our fees if only we win and you get paid by the bank, and usually in these cases, the judges will ask the bank to pay our legal fees. Do not hesitate, contact us and we will  help you.

The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.


Carlos Baos (Lawyer)

Spanish Law firm solicitor attorney barrister.

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