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OTHER SERVICES: Certifications/Legalisation/Oaths and Swearing Affidavits, apostille, NIE number, etc.

At White Baos Abogados, we help both our clients and legal practices located outside Spain, with a wide range of diverse legal and professional services, ranging from the preparation of certificates or affidavits of Spanish law to application and accreditation before foreign authorities and courts.

We can obtain an apostille for Spanish documents (notarial deeds, judicial decisions, etc.) and give advice on tax procedures for reviewing declared values ​​in real estate transactions: purchases, inheritances as well as advice on Income Tax for Non-Residents, etc.

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Income Tax for the Non residents in Spain. Letting, discrimination, expenses

If you are considered a non-tax resident in Spain and you own properties in this country, you need to be aware of the tax obligations that affect you.   In addition to the annual local rates which are collected by the Town Hall through the IBI receipt (Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles); you must also declare […]

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Spanish Tax Residents. From 720. Fines and presentation. Is it ILLEGAL?

FROM the year 2013, both Spanish and foreign nationals who had fixed their fiscal residence in Spain and and owned or had rights to property located abroad which exceeded €50,000 when valued together, had to submit a 720 form annually to the Tax Agency. Assets or rights abroad had to be declared in detail, including […]

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Obtaining residence visa or permits in Europe. Golden visa for foreign investors in Spain

Question: Dear lawyer, I would like to know how I can obtain residence in Spain as an investor, and to learn what the requirements are to allow this. My idea is to invest in real estate properties in Spain. Thank you very much, Answer. Dear reader, Thank you for your enquiry. Indeed, it is possible […]

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