How Get a Spanish Criminal Record Certificate in Spain.

Criminal Record Certificate in Spain.

Dear Lawyers,

I am a teacher moving back to my home country and I am currently finalising preparations for my move for the next school year. I have been told that I will need, among other requirements, a Spanish Criminal Record Certificate .

Is this correct and if so can you can help with the paperwork?

Yes, certain jobs and / or activities require a certificate attesting that one does not have a criminal record, particularly those jobs related to the health sector, teaching and caring for children, elderly, etc.

How apply for it.

In order to be able to get such a Spanish Criminal Record Certificate you should be registered officially in your country of origin or the country where you have lived in, which in your case is Spain, and they are the country that could grant this kind of certificate.

In Spain you can apply for a criminal record Certificate or check from the Regional Offices of the Ministry of Justice of the corresponding Autonomous Community. The application could be made either by yourself in person, or you can appoint an authorized representative, who will be able to act on your behalf.


If you apply personally, it would be necessary to present the following documentation:

– Original identity document in force like ID card, passport, etc. It is very convenient if you are a foreigner to provide your NIE.

– Form number 790 completed, and proof of the payment of the application fees.

You can ask someone to represent you and apply for it on your behalf, in which case the following would be needed:

– Power of Attorney (POA) granted by you in favor of the person who will represent you before the competent authority. It is essential to note that if the POA is granted abroad, it must be duly Apostilled to be valid in Spain.

– Original or certified copy of the identity document in force of you and your representative.

You should know that the Spanish authorities will seek information about your criminal records in your home country before issuing a certificate of criminal record in Spain, and also, the Spanish Criminal Record Certificate must be duly apostilled, to be valid in your country.

If you need assistance obtaining Spanish Criminal Record Certificate in Spaincontact us.

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 The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

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20 thoughts on “How Get a Spanish Criminal Record Certificate in Spain.

  1. I need a criminal record certificate for a care job in England. I lived in Spain for the last 3 years now I am in England. Can you do this for me?
    Please send me POE form I am seeing the notary tomorrow morning.
    Thank you
    Helen Askew

    1. Good evening,

      Thank you for your email.
      We will send you all the information by email.

      Yes, we could do apply prepare the POA for you.

      Best regards,

  2. Hello, i’m looking for a police clearance report. I am currently living in Malta, i was living in barcelona for 5 years before now. I have an NIE number. Could you let me know the price and time it will take to organise? Thank you, kind regards,

    1. Good morning,

      Thank you for your message.

      We will send you a confirmation of the steps to be followed, timing, costs, etc. to the email you stated in your message.

      We could do that on your behalf,

      Best regards,

  3. Mr Carlos – could you please contact me? Need criminal record certificate from Spain. Currently in Singapore and have NIE number. Studied and lived in Barcelona for 2 years

  4. Hi could you please send me an email with information on you helping me do this please?
    I’m in the UK need it for a new job and I lived in spain before. Thank you

  5. Hello.

    I need to get criminal Record from Spain, I don’t have NIE number.
    Please can you send me an email with informations If you can help mez

    thank you

  6. Hi,

    I lived in Spain for 8 months and I need a Police Clearance from Spain to pursue opportunities in other countries. Could you please help me with that?

  7. Hello I need a criminal record certificate as i was in barcelona for 8 months but now moved to england and I have no NIE number can you please help me with what forms I need to fill in to apply and how long does it take? thank you

    1. Thank you for your comment and the email we sent. We will send you an email with all the possibilities to apply for the criminal record certificate; yourself directly or through us. Best regards,

  8. Hi I need criminal record to work on Gibraltar, currently live in la linea de la Concepcion. I have nie number, can you send m information

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