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FAMILY AND COHABITATION LAW; divorces, separations, etc. (Spain/UK)

The marriages, relationships, their breakdown and in general the family law, requires specialist knowledge, particularly where assets are located in more than one country and the laws of different countries need to be applied. Concepts such as nationality and domicile need to be understood at the outset, particularly where one country has a different interpretation to another.

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Enforcing uk decree absolute in spain

I got divorced in UK ( England) by consent, and according to the divorce Court Order and the agreement between us my wife will keep the English house and I will keep the Spanish House. The Spanish house was bought in joint names, how I can transfer the property to my sole name? What is […]

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How to deal with the ownership of jointly owned property following separation, divorce in England or Spain, or the dissolution of a business relationship.

This is a very common issue that arises between ex-spouses, heirs, partners, investors, friends, etc., who purchased or inherited a share in a Spanish property with others. Whether there are problems between them or not, co-owners often do not want to share ownership in a property. In England, for example, you might see the executors […]

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Prenuptial agreement in Spain, capitulaciones matrimoniales and the nuptial letter: marriage between Spanish and English, applicable law

I am Spanish and my fiance is English, we live in Valencia and we plan to get married in Spain later this year. Can we sign a prenuptial agreement in Spain or do we have to go to England? What law would apply in this case, Spanish or English law?     Dear reader, thank […]

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