How to apply for the NIE number in Spain by appointing a representative through a Power of Attorney, without the need to come to Spain.

As our readers already know the NIE or Foreign Identity Number (Numero Identidad Extranjeros) is a personal, individual, unique and exclusive identification number, required for all foreigners in Spain who for economic, social or professional reasons need to deal with the Spanish administration or authorities.

 Basically it is needed in order to be able to submit a yearly tax return (tax residents and non tax residents), purchase a property or a vehicle, as beneficiary / heir of an inheritance and to pay local taxes/rates etc.

 In order to be able to request the NIE number the following forms / documents must be submitted:

 .-Formal application: printed completed and signed by the foreigner applicant.

.-Original passport and copy or ID card, etc. It is also possible to present a notarized, translated and apostilled copy dully stamped and signed by a Public Notary in the country of origin or in front of the Spanish Embassy there.

-. Passport-size photographs

-Written communication about the professional, economic or social reasons that justify the request.


 It is also important to check before submitting any documentation that there has not been any change in the documents or information requested as the criteria can be changed.

 In relation with the possibility of requesting by proxy: we must point out that some time ago it was allowed to request the NIE on behalf of a third party by means of a Power of Attorney, i.e. we, as lawyers, could request it for our clients. Sometime after the police department determined that this procedure was no longer valid and each party should request it personally.

 It was recently communicated by the responsible General Police Commissioner to all police headquarters and authorized offices through Directive 3/12 dated April 13/2012 that it re-enables the application for NIE through representative/proxy by means of a Power of Attorney expressly stating that it empowers him to carry out such duty.

 If you or someone you know needs to apply for a NIE in order to be able to Inherit, pay Inheritance Tax, purchase a property or any other reason and is not able to do in person please do not hesitate to give him our details and we will be more than pleased to request it on his behalf.

 The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

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