Dispute Spanish Will

Contest, Challenge or dispute a Spanish Will as per the regulation 650/2012

Question: Subject: dispute a Spanish Will as per the regulation 650/2012. I would like to contest my late father’s Will in Spain, who passed away recently. As I understand this is possible if he is English, was a Spanish resident and has all his real estate assets in Spain. Is that correct?  Answer. Dear reader, […]

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Challenging and contesting a Spanish Will, granted to a foreigner in Spain. Does Spanish or foreign law apply to the succession?

Contest a Will in Spain granted by an Expat. Which Law Applies. […]

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Applicable law to inheritance in Spain. The new European Regulation 650/2012. Contesting and challenging a Spanish Will granted by British citizens.

2012 Finally the European Regulation No 650/2012 has been approved concerning succession and the creation of an European Certificate of Succession. Just like we announced in our previous articles, this new regulation was passed and ratified by Spain, and it will apply, as per its article No. 20, even when it affects persons from countries […]

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