challenge a will

Challenge and contest Spanish Wills

Challenge and contest Wills and acceptance and adjudication of inheritance Deeds in Spain. Forced heirs. Inheritances of foreigners in Spain .

Spanish law firm. Advice on legal actions to contest, challenge and claim for the nullity of Wills foreigners with assets in Spain. […]

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Contest, Challenge or dispute a Spanish Will as per the regulation 650/2012

Question: Subject: dispute a Spanish Will as per the regulation 650/2012. I would like to contest my late father’s Will in Spain, who passed away recently. As I understand this is possible if he is English, was a Spanish resident and has all his real estate assets in Spain. Is that correct?  Answer. Dear reader, […]

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Challenging and contesting a Spanish Will, granted to a foreigner in Spain. Does Spanish or foreign law apply to the succession?

Contest a Will in Spain granted by an Expat. Which Law Applies. […]

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