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OTHER SERVICES: Certifications/Legalisation/Oaths and Swearing Affidavits, apostille, NIE number, etc.

At White Baos Abogados, we help both our clients and legal practices located outside Spain, with a wide range of diverse legal and professional services, ranging from the preparation of certificates or affidavits of Spanish law to application and accreditation before foreign authorities and courts.

We can obtain an apostille for Spanish documents (notarial deeds, judicial decisions, etc.) and give advice on tax procedures for reviewing declared values ​​in real estate transactions: purchases, inheritances as well as advice on Income Tax for Non-Residents, etc.

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How to apply for the NIE number in Spain by appointing a representative through a Power of Attorney, without the need to come to Spain.

As our readers already know the NIE or Foreign Identity Number (Numero Identidad Extranjeros) is a personal, individual, unique and exclusive identification number, required for all foreigners in Spain who for economic, social or professional reasons need to deal with the Spanish administration or authorities.  Basically it is needed in order to be able to submit a […]

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In previous occasions we have informed our readers, clients and friends that if they are Non Resident Tax in Spain and owners of a property (or a share of one) it is their obligation to submit a Non Resident Tax Return  even if they receive no other income from letting the property, bank interest, investments, […]

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