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LITIGATION: civil jurisdiction, consumers, Real Estate Litigations: claims against the builder, tenancy disputes, community of owners, etc.

Court claims Litigation in Spain

At White Baos Abogados we have extensive experience in court claims Litigation in Spain. And therefore, in the defence of the rights of our clients before the Spanish courts. Especially in the civil jurisdiction, and in matters related to real estate law, contracts, banking law, insurance, etc.


Court claims against builders and developers

Our firm can advise you on your disputes against developers and builders.

We have successfully advised numerous clients, who have had problems with their developers. Either, because they have not delivered the properties bought off plan. Or, because the constructions delivered did not conform to what was agreed in the contract. In matters of incorrect execution of the work, qualities of the materials, etc.

Likewise, our lawyers have extensive experience in legal advice in matters related to construction defects and claims against builders. And in relation with service contracts (like the construction) which are problematic. And on many occasions, they end up in court for disputes over the value of extra works, construction defects, etc.

In case you have a legal dispute with the builder, we can help you.


Court claims related to real estate law

We can also advise you in claims related to evictions, problems with tenants, etc. Or, in the case of being sued or if you need to sue for fixing the real boundary of your property, an occupation of your plot, etc.


Litigation in Spain related to consumer law. Banking law

We have helped dozens of clients successfully claiming against their banks. In all types of claims.

Since, claims for the sale of toxic and risky investment products, without proper advice.

Until, the cancellation of the floor expenses, multi-currency, etc, clauses.


Court claims against insurance companies, and professional negligence

Unfortunately, it is common for insurers to try not to meet their obligations. Thus, we help our clients to claim against them when necessary; before the courts.

For example, in the case of insurer who refuse to pay compensation for life insurance: claiming the existence of pre-existing illness, lack of documentation, etc.

Or they refuse to cover for a damage covered in the policy.

Likewise, we advise and help both those affected and professionals, in cases of professional negligence.


Court claims Litigation in Spain service in Spain

As specialist lawyers we can advise you in relation to your legal claims in Spain.

Our extensive professional experience, specialised legal training and ability to review matters from different perspectives, as well as our personal dedication and close relation with each of the court procedures involved, ensures that your court dealings will be undertaken in a professional, expert, innovative and personal manner.


If you need the representation of a professional lawyer before the Spanish courts.

If you want expert legal advice on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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