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LITIGATION: civil jurisdiction, consumers, Real Estate Litigations: claims against the builder, tenancy disputes, community of owners, etc.

AT White Baos Abogados we have extensive experience in defending the rights of our clients before the Spanish courts, especially in civil jurisdiction.

Such activity is mainly in matters related to civil contracts, resolution of purchase, and work (construction) and building contracts, real estate law, building and construction problems and defects, boundary problems, etc.

Likewise, we are experts in banking law: floor clause, expenses, IRPH, multi-currency, toxic bank products, etc.

In addition, we can advise you in matters relating to personal injury (accidents), insurance law, and in general in any civil legal proceedings that you may have in Spain.

Our extensive professional experience, specialised legal training and ability to review matters from different perspectives, as well as our personal dedication and close relation with each of the court procedures involved, ensures that your court dealings will be undertaken in a professional, expert, innovative and personal manner.

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How to deal with the ownership of jointly owned property following separation, divorce in England or Spain, or the dissolution of a business relationship.

This is a very common issue that arises between ex-spouses, heirs, partners, investors, friends, etc., who purchased or inherited a share in a Spanish property with others. Whether there are problems between them or not, co-owners often do not want to share ownership in a property. In England, for example, you might see the executors […]

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Community Debts and the liability of the new owners

At the beginning of 2006 I bought an apartment in Valencia. After the purchase had been completed I discovered that the vendor had debts with the Community of Owners for the communal fees. I have recently been served with a claim by the court for a “procedimiento monitorio […]

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