If you have been affected by the Bankia shares, now it is the right time to claim. We have won 100% of our court cases. We would only charge you if you win and get paid.

As we have mentioned on previous occasions, here at White Baos Lawyers we have been able to help many people who have been affected by the Bankia shares scandal to get their money back. Therefore, if you bought shares of Bankia in July 2011, and have seen them swapped from every 100 old shares into 1 new share meaning now it’s value is almost insignificant, it is time to make a legal claim against Bankia.

Legal precedent supports the nullity of the Bankia shares purchase contract up to four years after the restatement of the Bankia accounts, meaning you must claim before May 2016. It was only after their restatement of accounts that shareholders may have had full knowledge of the damage suffered by the purchase of shares, and they were able to learn about the real actual situation of the bank.

It is a timely moment to make a claim as almost all courts in Spain are ruling in favor of investors (most of them consumers), forcing Bankia to return the money invested plus interest.

From White Baos, we have had the opportunity to represent tens of affected investors before the courts, especially in the Costa Blanca area ( through Courts of Denia, Torrevieja, Orihuela, etc.), and so far, we have won 100% of our cases.

As we reported before, and fulfilling our commitment to defend the rights of consumers, especially the expatriate community in Spain, we remain committed to enable affected individuals to make claim against Bankia. So, we can help:

.- Small investors (less than 2000 €) ¸ to claim with no risk against Bankia, and in the unlikely event of losing the court case, the investors will not have to pay any costs to us or Bankia.

.-Remaining investors (From 2001€ to 250,000 €), we only charge if they win the court case, and we will claim against Bankia for the amount of our legal fees also. Therefore, if you win, you will recover the money invested, plus interest, and Bankia must pay the costs of your lawyers and procurator. If you lose (which is possible, but unlikely, in fact, up to know, it has not happened to us), you will not have to pay us, but may be asked to pay the costs of the Bankia Lawyers.

Therefore, based on our knowledge and experience in numerous court cases against Bankia, we understand the chances of success for investors are extremely high, and we recommend all our clients to claim against Bankia. Contact Us.

The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.


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