Did you invest in Bankia Shares?. Claim without risk or cost.

Dear readers.

Our office is handling many claims against Bankia, demanding the return of money investment in their IPO (OPS), which took place on 19th of July 2011, claiming for the annulment of the shares purchase, because information provided by Bankia to the investors in their prospectus, advertising, projected image, etc. was not in line with the reality of the entity’s financial state.

As explained in previous articles, we recommend people who have invested significant amounts to claim against Bankia, and we are providing them with facilities to do so.

However, there are many small investors who invested less than 2,000 € in shares of Bankia. They may fear that if they lose the case against Bankia they could up end paying lawyer fees and Bankia’s costs, thus risking an important sum of money to try to recover a relatively small investment.

These small investors should be aware that the Spanish Civil Procedure Law (LEC), Articles 23 and 31 have said that it will not be compulsory to use a lawyer and procurator in court claims for 2,000 € or less. Furthermore, Article 32.5 of the LEC, said that if it is not mandatory to be represented by a lawyer and procurator, then those asked to pay the cost of the court case would have the costs of these professionals excluded.

This means that if you claim for € 2,000 or less against Bankia, even in the unlikely event that you lose the court case, you will not be asked to pay Bankia’s expenses.

White Baos aim to make it easy for the affected consumer and individuals to claim against Bankia, and we will help you to claim but we will only charge our legal fees if we win the court case and you get paid. So, remember, as said above,  if you claim for 2,000 € or less, if you lose, it will be at no cost at all to you.

To make a complaint for the Bankia Shares Sale, we must go to court, and although there is always an element of risk, and all court cases could be won or lost, the fact is that official statistics show that over 90% of the judgments on this issue are ruled in favor of buyers – investors-consumers.

Therefore, if you invested € 2,000 or less we can claim for you, and if you lose you will not pay any expenses to Bankia or us, and only if you win and get paid, would we charge our fees.

If you invested in Bankia, although your investment is small, there is still time to claim, contact us


The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.


Carlos Baos (Lawyer)

Spanish Law firm solicitor attorney barrister.

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