Prepare the sale of a Spanish Property, save time, avoid problems with our PreSale Service

ON many occasions, expatriates in Spain who want or need to sell their property go directly to a real estate agent or try to sell it themselves without knowing its current legal status.


Often therefore sales can fall through or be delayed because the seller does not have proper paperwork and documents, or correct information about the legal status of the property.


At White Baos Abogados we help our clients with sale preparation or pre-sale services from the beginning.


These services establish the status of the property and obtain the documents they need once a buyer is found.

Services include:


Land registry checks– We review the property’s land registry entry and check if it is correct, if it needs updating or if there are any charges on the property that need to be included. If necessary, we correct the errors or prepare the necessary documents including the necessary reports from architects, certificates from the Town Hall and more.


Valuation and ownership Checks– We also check the description and the cadastral map of the property to make sure it is correct. If not we can provide the relevant legal advice and taking the appropriate actions for rectification if necessary before the sale.


Certificates from the Town Hall: If a buyer is found for a property they typically ask town halls for certificates which confirm its planning arrangements, its urban status and if there are any outstanding sanctions or legal issues filed against the owners.

At White Baos we request these reports as part of our pre-sale service so when a buyer is found the reports will already be on hand without a visit to the Town Hall needed.


Occupation License- If a buyer is properly advised we would request a valid occupation license for the property. There are times when may have expired or when one is needed for the first time. This process can take a long time so we request it in advance as part of our pre-sale service.


This pre-sale service guarantees that people who want to sell without losing time (due to the Brexit, inheritance, health, etc), and avoid  last minute surprises, the ability to find out the status of the property they want to sell, and to have all the documentation ready in time. We will obtain all the relevant documents  for you in advance meaning that when you find a buyer, you can sell quickly and properly because we will have all the documentation of the property prepared.


If you are considering selling your property, contact us and we will help you with our pre-sale or preparation for sale service.



The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.


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