Online legal advice. Remote legal consultations and advice, Spanish Wills granted in your country of residence, etc.

SINCE the Spanish Government declared a state of alarm due to the expansion of the coronavirus, Covid-19, movement and contact between people has been severely restricted.

Despite the quarantine, there is still a need for legal advice and for that reason, we at White Baos lawyers continue to work remotely, taking into account all of the pertinent health and security measures.


Remote legal consultations: It is possible to obtain remote legal advice and arrange with the lawyers in our office to take part online n legal consultations, remotely through various means, such as: email (to, by phone, Skype, Facetime, etc.

Thus, appointments for legal advice continue to be fully possible despite the current situation, so if you need help, we encourage you to make an appointment through the means you prefer to allow us to start studying and working ion your case now.


Acting on your behalf in Spain: If you need or want to start or end a matter in Spain such as a gift, inheritance or sale, etc. and you cannot travel to our country, our lawyers will be able to carry out the required actions on your behalf and following your instructions through the appropriate authorisation or, where necessary, a Power of Attorney, allowing us to act on your behalf.

You should know that to carry out a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf in Spain, it is not necessary for you to come to our country, as it may be granted in your country, normally before a public notary, or before the Spanish consulate or embassy.

In addition, using White Baos Abogados we can provide you with a draft of the power of attorney to be signed in two columns, that is, one in Spanish (for its use in Spain) and the other one in your language, so that you can know what you are signing and also the notary in your country.

The Power of Attorney signed abroad must be apostilled according to the Hague Convention to be accepted in Spain.

Thus, your affairs in Spain can continue to progress, remotely, with us supplying you with regular online information, advice and monitoring of your case.


Signing of Spanish Wills outside Spain. These days, numerous clients have asked us about the possibility of granting Wills for the assets in Spain outside of Spain, without the need to come to the country, and the answer to that is that YES it is possible.

From White Baos Abogados we can advise you and prepare at distance, according to your instructions and wishes, a Will to sign in your country.

We will draft this Will in Spanish and in your language in two columns and we will register it for you in the Central Register of last Wills of Spain.

In the same way as indicated above for powers of attorney, you can sign it before a notary public, or the Spanish authorities and we will indicate precisely how to do it.



Although in these difficult times you cannot travel to Spain, you can obtain remote legal advice online, and even solve or progress your affairs in Spain remotely.

Finally, we send you all our encouragement, and remain at your disposal, if you need it, Contact us and we will help you.


The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.


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