Consumers and Users Rights in Spain. The Municipal Information Office for Consumers OMIC.

We frequently receive consultations regarding possible abuses made by companies and businesses against consumers.

Our firm provides advice in this field, in issues such as bank preference shares, mortgage loan floor clauses, claims for goods in poor condition, and in general on those practices which violate the consumers’ and users’ rights, when they have relevant economic consequences.

But some of these abuses, although they are unacceptable, result in little economic harm to the consumer, and going to a lawyer may not be cost effective or feasible.

I am sure that you have experienced or know someone who has suffered abuses:

– From telecom / phone companies, who refuse to cancel a telephone line, or they charge more than should…

.-From banking institutions which charge more fees that they should…

.-Shops that refuse to return the money when the product was defective …

And unfortunately quite a few more.

For these cases, in our office we usually recommend our friends and clients to go to the OMIC the Municipal Information Office for consumers.

You should know that these offices depend on the Town Halls, they service is for free, and they can be found in almost all municipalities. For example, in Denia (Alicante), as per the Town Hall’s website, their office is located in the square Constitució, 9, and its direct phone number is 96 578 79 40.

If you do not know which OMIC you must use, you could ask at your local council. In these consumer assistance offices, they could provide the following services:

.- Information, help and guidance to consumers to exercise their rights.

.- The reception and registration of claims and complaints from consumers and users and referral to relevant entities and agencies.

.-The details, and addresses of the main institutions, public or private, of interest to the consumers. ETC.

Therefore, if you as a consumer need to claim for your rights our firm can help you, but if it is a very small complaint, we encourage you to denounce also through OMIC.

The information provided in this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.