Divorced in UK/England

The breakdown of a relationship requires specialist knowledge, particularly where assets are located in more than one country and the laws of different countries need to be applied. We are unique in the range of services we offer in this area and at the same time sensitive to the needs of each case. Concepts such as nationality and domicile need to be understood at the outset, particularly where one country has a different interpretation to another.

If you want to get divorce in United Kingdom we can assist you through our collaborators in your country.

We can also assist when you are getting divorce in UK and the Decree to be granted would have consequences in Spain, we could assist you in the wording of the agreement or petition to make sure that Court Order could be implemented in Spain correctly.

We can also help you with the formal recognition and if necessary execution of the English Court Order in Spain through the Spanish Courts. We can assist you to implement an English Court Order and any other court order in this area of law, of any other country in Spain for: maintenance, visits and holidays with the children, communication with the children, etc.


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