Divorce of foreigners in Spain.

Can I get divorced in Spain, even if I live abroad?. Divorce of foreigners in Spain. Power of attorney. Regulatory agreement. Legal requirements.

“Can I get divorced in Spain if my spouse lives abroad and we got married in another country?.” In our office we receive this question very often, from citizens of different nationalities who wish to get divorced in our country. In this week’s article, we answer this and other questions related to international divorces and […]

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Property damages in Spain

Property damages. Deadline to claim. The special case of the “continuous damage”. New court success.

If you have suffered damages to your property and you want to claim, it is important to consider a series of legal issues among which the statute of limitations stands out. In other words, the deadline for claiming in court from the moment the damage occurs. In this week’s article we look at this fundamental […]

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Inheritance and gift tax. Suspension of the deadline

We explain when it’s possible to request the suspension of the deadline for paying Inheritance and Gift Tax in Spain.

When someone passes away, the heirs are faced with a series of procedures and formalities that must be carried to process the inheritance. Among them, one of the most important aspects is the Inheritance and Gift Tax (IHT). Dealing with this tax is vital in order to proceed with the distribution of the assets. This […]

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