Service of English legal proceedings in Spain / Process Serving

IF you need to notify a letter, request or the starting of a court process in Spain or in UK, we can help you in order to fulfil with the legal requirements.

In order to mach with the English system and way to proceed, we can act as a process servers (we can do it ourselves as Spanish Lawyers or through a Spanish Public notary) we will hand deliver and then swear an affidavit stating that on the date we served to the person requested.

In order to mach with the Spanish standards if you need to notify someone in UK a letter or request, we can do it thorough a English solicitor or English Public notary or send an 'special delivery' through the English post office, getting normally an online tracking number which can be followed showing date and time received and name of person signing. The notification of a Spanish Court process to be valid in Spain would need to be done normally by the court or the procurador ( a kind of clerk of the court)


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