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As a result of the global crisis in the real estate and financial sector, which has had a very serious impact on Spain, as it was preceded in this country by a property boom, there are many Spanish banks and real estate companies that own a large number of real estate assets, like ‘solares’ (plots without buildings), new build properties, or unfinished developments, that they cannot or do not want to develop.

Some indicators show some recovery of the real estate market in Spain, and for some time, it has been many funds - mainly international funds and investors - who have shown great interest in these real estate assets and investments.

The first problem faced by most of these international and national investors is the lack of knowledge of the local market. Once the decision to acquire properties has been made; there is a lack of structure to undertake the real estate project and its development. In these cases, the outsourcing of certain jobs becomes indispensable.


Services offered by our firm to investors:


Prior to the acquisition of the property: PREVIOUS REPORTS (DUE DILIGENCE). Before acquiring a real estate asset, it is necessary to know its building potential (technical report), legal status (legal report), and the feasibility of the project (economic report).

These reports value the investment, the contingencies that may affect it, the market situation of the area. Its complexity, detail and cost will vary according to the needs of the investor.



Once the real estate investment is purchased:


- Set Up of the Company.

- Preparation of documents, draft of the contracts of the company, Public Deeds, Company House registration, etc.

- Annual Accounts, book of minutes, shareholders book, etc.

- In general, everything that is necessary for the optimal functioning of the company.



We can carry out the necessary actions for the development of the promotion and investment project, under the guidelines, and submit it to the final decision of the PROPERTY INVESTOR:

- Preparation and monitoring of the definitive Business Plan

- Definition and follow-up of the Calendar of the development and building process.

- Supervision for hiring the services and liaising with the different agents part of the building and construction process such as architects, engineers, etc. Previous negotiations with financial institutions, banks, etc.

- Dealing with the local administration, in order to obtain the licenses and pertinent permits.

In general, everything that is necessary for the correct finalization of the real estate project and development.



- Market study, business planning (analysis of the competitors, needs of the area, prices, qualities ...)

- Strategic planning (prices definition, qualities, campaigns ...)

- Sales management (draft of selling contracts ...)

- Sales channels (national or international) negotiation.


These services are carried out by our law firm or outsourced to professionals who are experts in their field and with extensive experience in the sector.

If you want to invest in Spain, do it in a safe, reliable and professional way, contact us.


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