Carlos Baos Torregrosa is a Spanish Abogado (lawyer), registered with the Alicante Law Society. Graduated with a degree in Law from Alicante University in 1.999 and holds a Masters degree in Company Law from Fundesem in 2.000. Carlos specialises in Family law and Real Estate Law both contentious and non-contentious in each case. Also coordinates the firm’s Spanish Law matters. He is originally from Alicante, speaks fluent English and is married with two children.

Carlos Baos Torregrosa abogado español, inscrito en el colegio de abogados de Alicante, como colegiado 5756. Se graduó en la Universidad de Alicante en 1999, es Master en Asesoría Jurídica de Empresas en Fundesem en 2.000, y especializado en derecho de familia y derecho inmobiliario.  Natural de la ciudad de Alicante, tras trabajar en varios despachos profesionales de esta provincia finalmente se trasladó a Denia en 2.005. Coordina el área de derecho español en White Baos.

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  1. Clive Walley says:

    I often read your articles in the RTN but I missed one for period 09-15 August which I have just found. I am most alarmed about your revelation about the Valencian Region’s change to IHT.
    I am 71 years old and living together with my Chinese wife of 35 and son of 11 in a villa in the Valencian region which is 1oo% in my name. I was advised 2 years ago to make a Spanish Will in favour of my home but applying the English Law. There is always the complication of British Law which tries to put the matter back to Spanish Law because it is an immovable object.
    However, my main concern is that previoulsy the liability for IHT on my wife was 99% exempt which meant that upon my death she would have little or no tax to pay.
    As you say this has now reduced to 75% exemption which frightens me because neither of us have any bank savings. We are resident in Spain, me for nearly 10 years and my wife almost 5 years. Taken together with my age, does this lowering of tax allowance still apply or can I sleep more easily?

    Thank you in advance for reading this!

    Kindest Regards

    • admin says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, now she will has a reduction of 75% no the 99% as before, in order for you to “sleep easily” if you want, we can review you situation and confirm at the moment, with the new change of the law, how much money your wife would pay.

      Best Regards,

      White Baos Abogados

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