Large Property Investors


As a result of the global crisis in the real estate and financial sector, which has had a very serious impact on Spain, as it was preceded in this country by a property boom, there are many Spanish banks and real estate companies that own a large number of real estate assets, like ‘solares’ (plots without buildings) or unfinished developments, that they cannot or do not want to develop.

Some indicators show some recovery of the real estate market in Spain, and for some time, it has been many funds - mainly international funds and investors - who have shown great interest in these real estate assets and investments.

The first problem faced by most of these international and national investors is the lack of knowledge of the local market. Once the decision to acquire properties has been made; there is a lack of structure to undertake the real estate project and its development. In these cases, the outsourcing of certain jobs becomes indispensable.


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